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Gym Fitness Equipment

Cardiovascular Training Equipment

Skierg Nordic  Skiing Simulator

Concept 2 Rowing Machines

Air Assault Bikes


Functional Training Equipment

Battle Ropes

Sand Bags

Slam Balls

Bull Dog Sleds

Weighted Sleds

GUN-eX Training System

20 Man Functional Training Rig

20 Olympic Lifting Bars (complete with in excess of 1,000kg Bison Plates)

4×4 metre Boxing Ring

5 Heavy Punch Bags

Complete Set focus pads & Mits

100sqm Astro Turf or Functional Training

TRX Training System

Kettle Bell Rack

Plyo-Platform Box (full set)

Reebock Decks

Free Weights

Glute and Hamstring Developer

Escape Barbell body pump style

Tractor Tyres / Tyre Flipping

3 sets of Farmers Walks

Gripper Bags

Tricep Dip Bars

Perfect Push Up Set


Private Members Gym

Chest Press

Shoulder Press

Lat Pull Down

Seated Row

Incline Leg Press

Seated Calf Raiser

Free Weight Area

Cable Cross

Prone Olympic Bench

Bent Over Row

Glute & Hamstring Developer

Seated Bicep Arm Curl

3 x Reebock Fit Balls

2 x Cardiovascular Trampet

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Daily Classes

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